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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes lying is necessary

Sometimes lying is necessary.

I belive that, no relationship in this world can withstand TRUTH and only truth. Whether we like it or not, it appears that our relationships are held together, not only by telling the truth, but by also telling an occasional lie. I basically am trying to say that the truth can be used as a "weapon of destruction" in our close relationships. Some people use that, some don't.Accoring to me, People who lie to their partner is because they don't want to hurt them. People lie, because they still want to continue, knowing that they have done few things wrong, they still are willing to continue. If a person has committed a mistake and knows to himself that he can commit that mistake again, or this is the way I want to live, Why would he lie about this to his partner? He would rather tell his partner the truth, get away with him ( which is obvious ) and enjoy the things he did secretly without any further fear of being get caught. Don't you all think so?

On the other side, when we really want to quit a relationship, we often say what we really think. This happens when either of the partner is no longer concerned about keeping a relationship intact, the truth comes out fast and furious and it stings. Telling the truth in a romantic relationship can often lead to a lot of hurt, pain, and suffering - deception is not a luxury, sometimes lying is absolutely necessary.
People need to be true and original, ofcourse. People need to be original to themselves when facing problems because the surest defense against such problems is extreme individualism, originality of thinking. That is, something that can't be feigned, faked, imitated.

The belief that one needs to be true to someone for being into a relationship is not 100% practical. Everything changes. Nothing is constant. A person needs to have FAITH on himself and on his partner. Faith which is that quality that enables us to belive what WE know is UNTRUE. People having mutual faith in themselves can always remain happy. The thing important here is one should be true to himself.
If people in this world try to know all these things and the meaning of these things, life becomes so carefree. We all should try to know people as much as we can. And we should put no obstructions to it.

I firmly belive that Lies that build are better than truths that destroy.

P.S- Make no mistake about it, telling the truth is necessary in a close relationship But, always telling the truth often leads to more problems than good.

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