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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stop your thoughts.

First of all alot of thoughts have been put into this post of mine which reads "Stop your thoughts"That's ironic I know! 

So Here I begin 

So What are thoughts? Why do we think? Why am I thinking at the moment about what am I going to write to get this post popular? Why?
Maybe by the end of this post you and me would be pretty clear and certain about why this was written.

So lets just get thoughtless and read this ahead..

We are all continuously harassed by our thoughts. Day in and day out. We think. Why does it harass us?
Thinking our thoughts do not bother us unless we are carried away by them. As long as we are carried by our over speeding thoughts, they do not disturb us. The issue arises when we pause in and study over mind and come to know how feverishly our mind works. This disturbs our inner peace.
So lets just get this straight unless you don't dive in and re think what all you've been thinking you won't be disturbed. So you maybe forming a conclusion right now in your "mind" that it is good to think right? 
You get to know and study your mind and indirectly it gives you a better idea of who you are? Then why this post? Lets find out

It's a good experience and you should be glad if you know your mind well ! You are in control of yourself then. But then the next step should be to take impersonal view about the thought process. Be only an "observer" of your thoughts. Only observe them, nothing but observe. They are guests. Your thoughts are guests. They dont have any lodging house of your mind. It is completely wrong to think of them as yours. If you associate your thoughts with yourself, you would never be able to get rid of them. Never identify them as yours, otherwise you would be standing in the way of their exit.

Whenever a thought or desire is born inside of you, see it grow before your mind's eye, and then observe its decline and then final departure. Feel nothing about it, good or bad. Form no opinions about them- favourable or unfavorable. Just watch them in a detached manner. In this silent choiceless manner the traffic of thoughts in your mind will decrease. And eventually you will achieve the state of thoughtless Bliss.