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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I feel that Swearing can easily become a habit and is generally a bad habit.
The worst thing about teens today is that they swear, on top of that they think it is cool. wow! that is like murdering a person and not feeling guilty. Why does no one realise that they have got a problem if they swear.
Swearing is a dangerous habit that leads to other outrageous behavioral problems I think. Ofcourse a habit is always difficult to break. If every second word is *#!% this, and !^#% that, then you have a problem. Nowdays for some reason teens think the only cool way to reply to a friend, parent, teacher or patner is with an expletive. Most of the teens don't know how to speak comfortably without swearing.
I think teenagers swear because they hang out in a enviornment where others use swearing as virtually the only way to speak. The basic reason for which teens swear is they feel sad or angry or can't express themselves in a clear way.
And then on a personal level, I HATE PEOPLE who swear. Be it my friends alone. It shows their mentality, family background and many such things.
I feel civilized and respectful conversation is not a swearing contest haha. You owe it to yourself to find the vast array of other wonderful words your language provides to fill up your conversations. People who don't do this, limit their own ability to clearly and accurately express their feelings and thoughts to others and ultimately, they are less accepted and understood by the people around them.
There is something motivating for the people who want to quit swearing:
When you find yourself about to swear, make it a habbit to find another word or phrase that will better convey the same message or emotion. Find alternate words to substitute in place of expletives and discipline to use those instead.
And now there is something demotivating for the ones who swear:
Punish yourself. Every time you swear put money in a swear jar for charity. This is something that should be done. You don't do good by swearing. Atleast try to do good for others.!
P.S- Post is for people who have got the habbit of swearing, And now wish to change.