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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

umm a break up blog?

Breakup - A point in life , where you feel you are so better without you patner. You suddenly turn deaf and blind towards all the good things. You turn out to be what you never were. YEAH, you are independent , emotions go away. And for some unkown bullshit reason YOU try to act all grown up and matured. Infact you dont even know half of the answers to your OWN actions. You have one track mind - to avoid, to ignore and make yourself feel better. For me ( personally ) A true break up is " when you are still in contact with eachother and talk and not feel anything about it. Oh yeah, to add something after few days or say months you are all alone. "awwww" You get emotional , you start feeling lonely and you are READY for another relationship. Haha, how stupid that is for me. I’ve survived a breakup, or if I haven't yet, I will. Courage is the central ingredient. The courage to believe in yourself, despite being rejected. The courage to laugh at yourself – or better yet, your Ex. And the courage to start over, and discover the love you deserve