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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I will Survive.


Turn the failure into a coup :

                                              We all experience the blow of failure. No matter initially how distasteful or disappointing it feels, it can be helpful if viewed in positive manner. Now how do we do that?
We do that by solving a simple exercise. 

  • Why did this happen?
  • Could I have done anything to prevent it?
  • Are there flaws in my work and approach that need correcting?
  • Was I working in the wrong environment for my style and interests?
  • How can I use this experience to positive advantage?
  • Where can I improve myself as a result of this experience?

Try to answer these questions in a way that isn't harsh on you. Self evaluate yourself. 

Don't be seduced by the idea that a single failure means you are a complete failure. Avoid compounding one fear into many by blaming and shaming yourself unduly.

Everyone witnesses failure. Everyone falls.  You be the one who falls "forward" 
Make "endings" open new doors to "beginnings" 

Be as positive as you can, and one day you shall realise..  

Life's battles not always go to stronger man or woman, but sooner or later to those who think that "they can".