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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why do we hate people? According to me, One of the reasons for hating a person is because we wish to love a person, whom we cannot love. Perhaps that person himself prevents you from loving him. This may be disguised form of love. And when we fail to love that person, we start hating him.
I belive Love and hate are often described to be diametrically opposed; in this case, it is impossible to speak about hating the one we love without engaging in a logical contradiction.
First, love is broader in scope than hate, as it refers to more features of the person. While in hate the object is considered to be basically a bad agent, in romantic love the object is perceived to be both good and attractive. Second, there are many varieties of each emotion (and there are more kinds of love than of hate), and each kind cannot be the exact opposite of all other kinds of the other emotion.
Also i belive and support this feeling very strongly, that maybe we hate a person because we hate something in that person which is part of us. What is not part of us, it doesnt affect or disturb us. Like a person may hate some one because he goes to play down and returns late in the night. Now he may hate him for this, because he is not allowed to do so. Or he doesnt wish to do so.
Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They all live inside our heart. And sometimes they win. Sometimes Love can become a fertile ground for the emergence of hate. Because when the intensity and intimacy of love turns sour, hate may be generated. In these circumstances, hate serves as a channel of communication when other paths are blocked, and it functions to preserve the powerful closeness of the relationship, in which both connection and separation are impossible.
I would also like to consider the following testimony of a man convicted of killing his wife (cited in the book, In the Name of Love): "You don't always kill a woman or feel jealousy about a woman or shout at a woman because you hate her. No. Because you love her, that's love." No doubt, love can be extremely dangerous, and people have committed the most horrific crimes in the name of love.
This explains that monsters and ghosts are real.
A girl may say that she dearly loves her partner in general but hates him because he of his dishonesty. Accordingly, people do say something like: "I love and hate you at the same time." In this kind of attitude the profound positive and negative reactions or expressions are maybe beacuse of different aspects of the person.
After all this I only have to say that hatred can be ended by love. And not by hatred. And try your best to not to hate any one. Hate the sin a person commits, but dont hate the sinner. Because he may have commited that sin for a reason unknown to you.. Or hate a person for that reason for which he commits a sin.
We may hate someone because we love him and are unable to free ourselves of our love for him, or because this love is not reciprocated.
So whats the solution? Try your best to love that person. And if that person tries the same. YOUR hatred ends, the best thing that can happen to you. The feeling you get when you start loving the person you hate is something really good.


  1. OMG. This is excellent writing. How can you come up with so many points in such short time ? I liked the monsters and ghosts thing you got up there. And really nice example too. Hate the sin a person commits, but dont hate the sinner.Nice line. And that thing that we hate people because the love is not reciprocated..really true. You're really observant. I wonder why you hid your talent all these years ! Nice writing. Keep it up !

  2. Hey. Again. I forgot to compliment about your usage of words. Very appropriate. And you're to the point which is good. You use your words carefully and at the right place. Language is also good. So yeah, this is only your second write-up and you're already pretty good at it.

  3. THENKS. ( emotional )..haha. Suggest me topics..So that i continue boring you all. haha. Suddenly i have started liking to read and write. WOW! tahts so much of change in me...