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Monday, April 26, 2010

Be selfish in Love.

I would like to ask a question :
What would you prefer first? You or your relationship? Although answering “the relationship” may sound correct to you now. It is a unhealthy and wrong way to live thinking relationship comes first.
Often people have relationships based on having fear of losing, being dependent on the partner and having insecurites about ourselves.
It is only when you can respect and love yourself first, that the relationship can be a truly loving one and not one based on need, dependency, fear, or insecurities.
In simpler way when we travel in a plane, We are given instructions that in an emergency we should put mask on ourselves first rather than helping our child our partner. Has anyone wondered why do they say this? Don't you feel it is kind of slefish to help ourselves FIRST before helping others? If you consider it selfish, the answer is how can you help someone when you’re unconscious or struggling for breath?
Love is similar to that mask. We can’t fully love our partner unless we love ourself FIRST. Strap that air mask on good and tight, and we will be able to love endless amount. If we don’t love
ourself first, we have no love to give. If you truly put yourself first in love, nurture yourself, honor what you want, and make YOUR happiness the number one priority, you are better equipped to love others. By doint this We canlove others to the degree we love ourselves.

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  1. The plane example. Pretty good. And logical too. You got the thing of linking emotions and pragmatism together, which is good. You don't repeat stuff and you keep things short and to the point and like i said, give apt examples which makes it interesting to read. Again, usage of words - very appropriate. And yes, the thing of looking at things from different angles, you have that in you which indicates that you dun just believe false talk, u like to go in depth, see what happened, go the root of the thing and satisfy your curiosity. And that can be seen in all your posts. Keep blogging :)